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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Installment Loans To Pay Back After 90 Days

90 Day Installment Cash Advance

Do you need a long term personal loan that you can apply with no collateral? Or you don't know of the options available as you have bad credit, and banks are not giving them to you? Find out what are the ways to borrow money for long term with installment loans that let you pay back after 30 days or more.

If you are looking for installment loans to pay back after 90 days and you have bad credit, you may want to skip the banks as most of the guaranteed personal loans from banks are only for people with exemplary credit. To get a $1000 short term installment loan with poor credit is not impossible. There are auto title loans, for example, that you can use your car to apply for secured installment loans. Pawn stores are also another avenue in which you could trade off your valuable goods temporarily in exchange for some money.

Even for those who have no collateral but need to borrow unsecured cash, there are plenty of installment loan lenders with bad credit cash loans.

These are the instant short term loan lenders that provide 1 month cash advance or payday loans with a longer repayment period. You can apply for a guaranteed cash loan with no credit for 30 days with any direct payday loan company that allows for extension. This is one way for you to get a 90 day payday loan with monthly fee. The drawback is having to incur more fee as a result of rolling over the debt. You may frown upon this idea but the costs may not be higher than if you were to get a 6 month installment loan from a long term loan lender for bad credit.

Monthly installment bad credit loans are not cheap. A quick comparison on some of these high risk lenders show that you will pay more every month to them than to a direct payday lender. If you request for a 12 month bad credit personal loan for 5000 dollars, you will have to pay possible more than the principal sum in interests alone.

It is clear that having good credit is very important especially if you need a long term installment loan with low interest. Otherwise, for people with bad credit, they may find themselves being held ransom to private loan lenders that charge exorbitant rates for installment personal loans to pay back after 90 days.

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