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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Need 300 Dollars Now - How To Get A Loan Fast

In good times or bad times, there are always people who fall short and need to borrow money. To some, the idea of trying to get a friendly loan from a friend or colleague may be too embarrassing, yet because these people may have a bad credit record, applying for a loan from the banks may not be feasible. So, where can you get a loan fast if you have bad credit? If I need to borrow 300 dollars now, who are the lenders who can give me a loan with no credit check? Well. there is hope and here is some information to help you with getting a personal loan under 1000 dollars easily.

If you only need 1000 dollars and below, a quick way to get cash is to go to a payday loan company. A payday loan is a short term cash advance that is secured by your future earnings. When you apply for an online payday loan for 300 dollars, you agree to pay back with your next salary, which the payment due date is set to coincide with the date you are going to get paid. Online payday loans are convenient, as they can be approved easily and they do not require a lot of documents to fax over. There are even some paperless payday loans available in certain states where you can apply for a loan online with no faxing done.

While a faxless payday loan can help to bridge the gap between paychecks, they may not be able satisfy your credit needs if you need to borrow 2000 dollars and more for at least a few months. Most payday loans are good for 1 month and while loan extensions can be granted, they will bring up the total cost of the loan considerably. To get a long term payday loan, what you can do is to look for short term installment loans that you can pay back in 90 days or more.

These monthly installment loans are available with a longer repayment term and the amount of money you can take out is also much higher than the average 500 dollar payday loan. Repayment is made on a monthly basis and you can get a 6 month installment loan of 5000 dollars with no collateral needed. However, these installment loan lenders are likely to run a credit check and so obviously, they are much more difficult to qualify as compared to payday cash advances.

When trying to get a 300 dollar personal loan from non-mainstream lenders, it makes sense to know what are the types of private loans available for people with bad credit and whether you are qualified to apply for these short term online loans. Many people think that they have bad credit when in reality, their credit score isn't as bad as what they thought. A good idea is to obtain your latest credit report and check through the accuracy of it. If your credit score isn't too low, you may be able to get your bank to approve you for a low interest personal loan instead of having to turn to online loan companies that give payday loans and whatnot.


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